The Benefits of Laser Hair Growth Treatment

Half of a man's head shows his hair before hair loss treatment and the other, full side shows after

Hair loss is not something anyone wants to deal with. But it’s not easy to know exactly how to reverse it. Some people undergo expensive surgery or other risky treatments. Others will just accept the loss and begin to shave their heads. Either are fine choices if that’s your preference, but they aren’t the only two options.

Treatments such as low-level laser therapy give you the chance to stop hair loss while also not taking on any major expenses are risks. Here are some of the benefits of laser hair growth treatments:

It Works

Low-level laser therapy is actually quite simple, yet effective. It involves using low-level lasers to penetrate the scalp and stimulate circulation in hair follicles. This will have the effect of promoting hair growth while limiting loss. Generally, the patient will use a laser comb, headband, or small helmet for 30 minutes every other day. After around six to nine months, you should start to see real results.

It’s Low Risk

Low-level laser therapy is an FDA-approved treatment, so you know it’s safe. There’s no pain involved. Plus, it allows you to avoid surgery and other more extreme options. There’s no risk of injury, no major expenses, and no recovery time.

It’s Easy

One of the best parts of low-level laser therapy is it’s simple and easy. The patient can administer the treatments from home in just 30 minutes. If you have that time to dedicate to the process every other day, this treatment will be easy for you. You don’t have to go to a bunch of doctor’s appointments or undergo and crazy procedures. Just use the comb, headband, or small helmet as instructed and you should start to see results in six to nine months.

Often, low-level laser therapy is paired with other treatments such as medication to help ensure hair growth is restored. If you’re looking to undergo any hair growth treatment, you should see a specialist. Dr. Kirit Kothari is the man you need to see if you’re in the areas of East Stroudsburg or Bethlehem, PA. His hair loss treatments have helped countless patients over the years. Schedule a consultation today!

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