Regenerative Medicine: An Alternative to Knee Surgery

A syringe with blood

There’s a good chance that you’ll deal with someone kind of knee injury or chronic knee issue in your life. As many as 25% of adults deal with serious knee pain in a given year. Your knees are very important for your mobility, which makes them important for your ability to exercise, and thus your overall health. You’ll want them to be in as good of condition as possible.

When dealing with knee pain, surgery will be one option, but it isn’t the only choice. It’s also wise to consider regenerative medicine treatments such as platelet rich plasma injections.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet rich plasma is a key component of regenerative medicine treatments. To create it, blood is taken from a patient and put through two phases of centrifuge, where platelet rich plasma is separated first from platelet poor plasma and then from red blood cells.

This is then re-injected into the patient in whichever spot is being treated. When this happens, that area will heal quicker as it has received an increased blood supply.

Easier Than Surgery

Platelet rich plasma treatment is significantly less invasive than knee surgery. By limiting the physical aspect of the treatment to injections, you can cut down on both recovery and rehabilitation time. It also tends to be less expensive and comes with less of a risk of something going wrong with the procedure. Knee surgery is serious business, it will affect your life for years to come. Platelet rich plasma treatment provides one way to avoid that, while also treating your pain issue.

More Than Just Your Knee

Platelet rich plasma has also been shown to be effective in treating ankle and hip pain. As you age, it’s common to deal with pain in these areas. This can affect your mobility and, ultimately, your quality of life.

Surgery is a major step to take and not always necessary. If you’re dealing with knee, ankle or hip pain, Dr. Kirit Kothari may be able to help you.  Dr. Kothari tailors specific PRP treatments based on all the aspects of the patient’s life and health. Schedule a consultation with him today to take the first step on your journey to a pain-free life.  

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