PRP Therapy for Rotator Cuff Injuries

If you suffer from shoulder, arm or wrist pain but hate the idea of surgery, it’s time to consider PRP therapy. Based in the Lehigh Valley, Dr. Kirit Kothari specializes in PRP injections and therapy for rotator cuff tears and other kinds of shoulder, wrist and arm pain.

We start by listening, so the first step to recovery is letting us know about your ailment. Dr. Kothari has the knowledge and experience to understand your issues, examine the problem, and devise a personalized solution.

Why choose PRP therapy for shoulder, arm or wrist pain?

For those who are looking to avoid the expense and mental anguish of shoulder or arm surgery, platelet-rich plasma therapy can be an effective and less daunting endeavor. PRP therapy is simple, and for many people may seem too good to be true.

Although our treatment is always catered specifically to help each patient, the PRP therapy process stays very much the same. Dr. Kirit Kothari will inject a solution directly into your shoulder pain, increasing blood supply and enhancing healing. Typically, multiple injections are used for the best possible recovery.

Trust Dr. Kirit Kothari, MD for your shoulder, arm or wrist pain treatment

Dr. Kirit Kothari MD is an experienced physician that is dedicated to treating sensitive issues like hair loss, skin aging, and joint pain. From the moment you step into his office, our goal will remain solely to make all of your shoulder problems disappear. We’ve had the pleasure of serving hundreds of satisfied patients in Lehigh Valley, PA, so come see why all of our patients recommend us. 

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