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pain management doctors in Bethlehem PA

Headaches are a constant problem for many people. But did you know that there is a body of evidence revealing a direct link between headaches and back pain? Let’s see why patients who have spine problems sometimes also suffer from frequent headaches.

Spine Problems Lead to Stress

Back problems can affect your daily life, making you feel frustrated. People with spine issues often tailor their recreation, work, and socializing habits to feel the least amount of discomfort.

Unfortunately, this means they work less, don’t spend enough time socializing, and don’t exercise the way they used to. This can lead to stress, stiffness, muscle aches, and fatigue that might generate headaches.

Increased Pressure on Your Skull & Neck

Sometimes a headache is caused by illness or neurological disorders. But they can also stem from your body’s misalignment; this is when the head, shoulders, spine, hips, knees, and ankles don’t relate or line up with each other. An inadequate body alignment puts strain on your connective tissues and muscles at your head’s base and in your neck.

For instance, if you pull a muscle from the lower right side of your back, your body would try to compensate. Still, since you’re unable to move your torso or hips freely, you’d probably rely more on your shoulders and neck, which can strain those muscles, put more pressure on your skull and neck and result in headaches.

Spine Issues Limit the Release of Tension

Even dull back pain rather than acute pain can cause headaches. Aches, pains, and spasms can make you move differently during the day. Sometimes pain in the back can force you to move at strange angles when you get out of your clothes or bed. At other times, mild back pain might make you stay in the same position for a longer time. These types of responses to issues with your spine can significantly inhibit how your body releases tension. Rather than turning your torso, giving your shoulders a roll, or doing some other gentle physical activities that can help ease the pressure, you’re worried about making your back pain worse.

Anytime there’s tension in your body, it can cause a headache. In most cases, the tension in the back can make your jaw tight, tense your skull’s base, and almost lock your shoulder muscles, making headaches more intense and more frequent.

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