3 Reasons You May Have Recently Developed Neck Pain Working from Home

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people work from home rather than the office to maintain social distancing. But while working from home, they have noticed that they are experiencing more neck pain than when they were working from their office. 

Let’s look at some of the possible reasons why.

We don’t Follow Ergonomic Principles 

More people might be suffering from neck pain because the desk, chair, and computer they use at home don’t follow ergonomic principles like those at the office. Some people working from home don’t even have a desktop computer. Instead, they use a laptop that is sitting on their lap or the dining table. When people have to work from home all of a sudden, they don’t set up a home office; they use whatever is available. Their nice chair is at their desk in their office while they sit on a kitchen chair or maybe even their recliner to do their work from home.

We Have a lot More Stress

People working from home might develop neck pain because it is more stressful to work from home than from the office. Yes, you don´t have a long commute as you did when going into the office, but there are other factors, such as your spouse, kids, and pets walking around and requiring your attention. Put that together with the pressure the pandemic has brought us of worrying about food, toilet paper, water, illness, and so on, and you have the perfect recipe for a stress-inducing environment. 

Disrupted Routine

Recently, the whole world has had a disrupted routine. Kids are learning from home; people are working from an improvised home office, and we’re just barely getting back to normal and being able to see our friends and family. When you are a creature of habit, and you are used to doing things a certain way, having that routine broken can be tiring, cause physical tension, and result in neck pain. 

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