Medical Dermatology- Lehigh Valley & East Stroudsburg

Medical Dermatology in Bethlehem, PA

As a skilled dermatologist located in LeHigh Valley, PA, Dr. Kirit Kothari can diagnose and treat various cosmetic and medical dermatology issues. When you walk out of Dr. Kothari’s office, you will be a newer, healthier, and better version of yourself than when you walked in.

Dr. Kothari can see you the same week that you call, providing expert, compassionate care all at an affordable rate.

Acne Treatments

From mild to severe cases, acne in all forms can cause patients to suffer from insecurity. That’s why Dr. Kothari works hard to find the root cause of your teenage or adult acne in order to develop the perfect treatment plan for you. He can offer skin care products and other therapies that can dramatically reduce your acne in months.  


Often confused with regular adult acne, rosacea is a common skin condition resulting in red splotches and small bumps across the face. Dr. Kothari can provide antibiotics, medications, and other treatments to help patients reduce the symptoms of rosacea.

Eczema, Psoriasis & Rashes

Eczema, rashes, and psoriasis can all be debilitating for a patient, especially when the cause is unknown. Through allergy tests such as blood work or patch testing, Dr. Kothari can find the root cause of your allergic or contact dermatitis. He will then find the right therapies and treatment plans to reduce flareups.

Moles, Skin Tags, Warts, and Cyst Removals

Whether for cosmetic or health reasons, Dr. Kothari can remove any moles, skin tags, warts, cysts, and other unsightly skin lesions. All surgical procedures are conducted in-office, and Dr. Kothari takes extra steps to ensure the patient is kept relaxed and comfortable.

Skin Cancer Treatment

Dr. Kothari can perform biopsies on any suspicious spots or lesions that may be cancerous or pre-cancerous in form. If it is deemed necessary, he can then thoroughly remove the cancer so that the patient can go on with their lives.


If you are suffering from sudden hair loss in small patches along your head, then you may be suffering from alopecia. Dr. Kothari can diagnose your alopecia and find a treatment plan that can resolve your condition in a manner of months.

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