Chronic Pain Management & Treatment in Lehigh Valley, PA

Chronic Pain Management in Bethlehem, PA

No matter how sharp or dull it may feel, chronic pain can be debilitating. It will limit your movements and ultimately restrict what you can and cannot do during your day-to-day life. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Dr. Kirit Kothari is a chronic pain management specialist, skilled at providing the right treatment plan that will return you to your normal, active lifestyle.

Types of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can come in all shapes and forms. For some, it may be a dull ache in their lower back. For others, it’s a sharp, stabbing pain from a headache or migraine. There are several types of chronic pain that patients can suffer with, including the following:

Chronic Pain Treatment in Bethlehem, PA

Causes of Chronic Pain

In the majority of cases, chronic pain is caused by some form of trauma or injury that ultimately results in nerve damage. However, chronic pain can also be caused by underlying health factors, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more. When you come to see Dr. Kothari for your chronic pain, he will determine the root cause in order to create a more effective treatment plan.

Chronic Pain Treatment in Lehigh Valley, PA

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, Dr. Kothari can help you return to your normal, everyday life. By understanding the type of pain you are dealing with and what the cause of it is, he can create a detailed treatment plan to help you manage your chronic pain. To see how he can help, contact Dr. Kothari today.