Botox and Dermal Fillers in Lehigh Valley, PA

Botox & Dermal Fillers

Botox and Dermal Fillers in Lehigh Valley, PA

Everyone ages. It’s natural, and as it happens, the body undergoes certain changes. While it’s not possible to literally turn back time, there are some ways to combat the effects of aging, such as crow’s feet and wrinkles.

Dr. Kirit Kothari can help if you’re ready to discuss some safe and reliable anti-aging treatments. The doctor has three Pennsylvania locations, including:

If you’re curious about facial fillers or Botox injectables, you can contact the nearest office to you today. These treatments are now easy to administer. You can get rid of unwanted frown marks that come from a lifetime of furrowing your brow.

How Exactly Does Botox Work?

PA residents who wish to know about a non-surgical injectable treatment plan often want to understand the science behind it. There’s a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. Medical science now knows how to produce a purified toxin from it that’s often referred to as Botulinum Toxin Type A. You might know it by its abbreviated name, though, which is Botox.

Botox has been around for a while, and when someone brings up cosmetic injectables, that’s usually what they mean. Botox is a proven wrinkle treatment that can reduce lines from frowning or wrinkling your forehead. The toxin safely blocks muscles that would typically respond to nerve impulses.

Injecting a tiny amount of Botox into a particular facial area can stop frown lines. That’s how our patients in Lehigh Valley, PA walk away looking more youthful and rejuvenated!

Are You Ready to Try Injectable Dermal Fillers?

If you need a crow’s feet treatment, or you’re prepared to banish frown lines, Dr. Kothari is available to speak to you about your options. You can often schedule your appointment for the same week, and when you’ve finished the treatment, you will both feel and look better than you have in years.

The doctor is a respected dermatologist, and he will listen to your goals and any concerns before helping select a treatment plan for you. Cosmetic dermatology is safe and effective, and it’s time that Lehigh Valley residents learned what it can accomplish.