A Potential Alternative to Shoulder Surgery

A woman grabs her shoulder in pain

The shoulders, arms and wrists are some of the most common areas where adults suffer from chronic pain. When this pain continues for a long enough time and continues to get worse, surgery is a common solution. But it’s not always the best solution for everyone.

Some patients may have some anxiety about going under the knife, some might fret about the potential recovery and rehabilitation time and others just can’t afford an expensive surgery. The good news for those patients is there might be an alternate way to end their pain that does not require surgery: regenerative medicine treatments like platelet rich plasma therapy.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

The key component of regenerative medicine treatments is platelet rich plasma. This is created when a doctor takes blood from a patient and puts it through a two-phase centrifuge. The platelet rich plasma is then separated from the platelet poor plasma and then from red blood cells. What’s left is then re-injected into the patient in the part of their part where they’re being treated, the shoulder, arm or wrist in this case. With an increased blood supply, the hope is the area will now heal faster.

Simpler than Surgery

If the platelet rich plasma therapy treatment works as it should, you should see a major reduction in pain in a short time. Many view this as an optimal alternative to surgery. It’s less invasive, so you will significantly cut down on the time you’ll need to rehabilitate and recover. It’s more convenient as you’ll just have to go into a doctor’s office for a few appointments and won’t have to take extended time off from work or other obligations. Plus, it’s less expensive and comes with a lower risk of something going wrong.

If you’re interested in regenerative medicine treatments for your shoulder, arm or wrist pain, Dr. Kirit Kothari can help you. Under his care, you will receive the injection directly into the area that’s causing you pain. In most cases, you’ll receive multiple injections to ensure the optimal recovery. Schedule a consultation with him today to begin your pain-free life.

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